Gracious Living for Young Adults (appropriate for ages 18 to 22 years old)

Eight Weeks; Two hours per week

 The transition from childhood into adulthood can be one of the most difficult periods of life to navigate. This course covers the crucial life skills that young adults need in order to make smooth transitions into adulthood, to live independently and to be self-sufficient. Topics include budgets, renting, house-keeping, simple repairs, food shopping and preparation, basic cooking skills and proper care and handling of clothing.

Etiquette Boot Camp (appropriate for ages 18 years old and up)

Two weeks; Two hours per week

 A slimmed down version of Dr. Amber's course.  Topics include meet and greet essentials, dating etiquette, table manners, proper attire, skillful conversation and job interview skills.

 Dr. Amber is also available to conduct on-campus workshops and/or trainings.  Topics include violence prevention, bystander intervention/responsibility, body image, creating a personal mission statement, and leadership theory in practice for student leaders.