Welcome to Amber Picou Consulting, a social and life skills firm.

I came to love the idea of learning how to look and feel confident while preparing for my cotillion.  Although my parents forced me to take courses in poise, make-up application, appropriate clothing styles and etiquette, I came to realize that these lessons helped to improve my confidence and prepared me for adulthood.

As a college administrator, I realized that social and life skills are even more important for young adults as they prepare for a career and life away from parental guidance.  Having taught at the college level and also developed programs for young adults, I firmly believe that the education they receive outside the classroom is just as important as the knowledge they receive from their professors.

In my workshops, students will engage in thoughtful and engaging lessons that have personal and professional value, no matter their age, skill set or aspirations. Social and life skills are about putting your best self forward no matter where you are or who you are . 

As a student affairs professinal, I was often privy to the many changes and challenges that were prevalent among the college student population. I worked with students when they were "in trouble," confused or depressed. There are so many challenges that students deal with that parents know nothing about. That is why I love to facilitate seminars for parents who want to discuss some of the issues that most college students face, such a relationship violence, alcohol and other drug abuse and the trials and tribulations of the first year of college.

Dr. Amber has over 20 years of experience in community development, education and leadership development.  Her passion lies in teaching and preparing young people to be confident, empowered and empathetic citizens. She has a BA in Social Science, a teaching credential in Social Studies, an MA in Leadership with an emphasis in College Guidance and Counseling and an Ed.D. in Organization and Leadership with an concentration in Higher Education.  In her spare time, Dr. Amber volunteers her time as an adviser to her sorority's little sister club, and crochets afghans for friends and family.  She also serves on the board of her Home Owners Association. Dr. Amber lives with her husband, youngest daughter, Mother in Law and two dogs, Charlotte and Prince, in Covington, Louisiana. Dr. Amber's oldest daughters attend school in her home state of California.